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Laredo Drinking Water Systems

A Culligan drinking water system may quickly become your favorite appliance in the kitchen.

No other solution offers the refreshing, healthy benefits like the clean, fresh water you get from a Culligan drinking water system. With a mere touch of a button, you will enjoy a nearly endless supply of clean, refreshing drinking water right at your kitchen sink. It’s pure convenience.

Culligan’s patented water filtration technology can be customized to reduce impurities in your water like chlorine, lead, radium, and cysts, leaving you with nothing but clean, healthy Culligan water. And with better tasting water always available, you and your family will drink more water, helping everyone feel healthier.

Most importantly, with a Culligan drinking water system, you get your own Culligan Man. With over 70 years of water treatment experience, you can trust that they will help you find the right system to solve your water problems and bring you clean, clear, refreshing Culligan drinking water.

All of our drinking water systems feature Culligan’s exclusive, patented filtration technologies to provide the highest-level of water filtration available. Using state-of-the-art reverse osmosis and sophisticated interchangeable filters, your Culligan Service Technician can customize a solution for your specific water needs and provide you with better tasting, high-quality water that will make a refreshing difference in your home.

  • Safer water – our water filtration systems are designed to reduce harmful impurities like cysts, arsenic, lead, radium, chlorine and other harmful impurities
  • Pure convenience – enjoy an endless supply of Culligan drinking water with the push of a button right at your kitchen sink
  • Better tasting water – clean, Culligan water will improve the taste of everything you make with water – coffee, teas, drinks, ice cubes, baby formula, and all your recipes
  • Great for appliances – the cleaner water you get with a Culligan drinking water system is better for use in appliances like ice makers and humidifiers
  • Healthier choice – everyone will drink more Culligan water and less sodas and sugary drinks
  • Cost savings – glass for glass, Culligan water costs far less than buying expensive single-serve bottles of water from the store
  • Environmentally-friendly – with Culligan water, you’ll drink fewer single-serve bottles of water, saving thousands of bottles from clogging our landfills

Total Home Filtration – Solutions for Drinking, Cleaning & Beauty

From Contaminant Reduction to Complete Home Water Filtration, We’ve Got a Total Home Solution to Fit Your Budget!

The following are our basic package options in order of the least to greatest protection for your family & home:

  1. Whole Home Chlorine Filter: This filter removes the terrible taste of chlorine and its odor throughout your entire home, so you can enjoy drinking, bathing, and cleaning in healthier, cleaner water. This filter needs to be changed on occasion based on the size of your home, quantity of water used, and chlorine content.
  3. Whole Home Filter & Water Softener: Do you have soap scum, limescale on your dishes, or spots on your wine glasses? Then you probably have hard water. A water softener reduces mineral buildup which leaves your dishes spotless, your hair shiny and weightless, and makes cleaning a snap! Package this with a whole home chlorine filter, and you’ve got healthier water for you and your home.
  5. Whole Home Filter, Water Softener & Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: With all the above benefits, you also enjoy a huge reduction in drinking water contaminants! From pharmaceuticals to arsenic, our systems reduce contaminants and provide up to 30 gallons/day of great-tasting water. You’ll use it for much more than just drinking

Chlorine-Free Water

Whole Home Filters can remove chlorine, sediment, and other non-dissolved contaminants depending on what you need.

Soft Water

Enjoy the cleaning & beauty benefits of a Water Softener with a Lifetime Warranties and rental, purchase & financing options to fit your budget!

Better Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis Systems with a Lifetime Warranty can often connect to your fridge for crystal-clear ice cubes & delicious cold water!

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